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The Africa Biomedical Laboratories (ABL) is focused on providing the latest biomedical technologies to the Africa market to address the medical, public health, social, public safety and educational needs of our clients. Whether you are in search of the latest diagnostic technology for an infectious or chronic disease, or needing human identification (HumID) technologies to resolve a legal or social matter, we provide Today’s Solutions using Tomorrow’s Science.

Sub-Saharan Africa has carried a huge burden of outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases and also outbreaks of endemic diseases, including pandemic ones such as HIV/AIDS. Whether it is hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola, Rift Valley fever, and Marburg or endemic diseases such as cholera, malaria, brucellosis, soil-transmitted helminthes,anthrax or rabies. The region has steadily worked on a better control and prevention plan and an outbreak preparedness plan.
ABL will be a partner in this effort!

The ABL Founder stated that “The rapidity of disease outbreak response and case management in sub-Saharan Africa rests on provision of rapid bedside diagnostic ability for endemic and epidemic diseases, particularly diseases that fit the WHO/FAO/OIE classification of public health emergency of international concern.”

Our Team

  • Nelly Wambui
  • Leonard M. Nderitu
  • Sylvia A. Omulo
  • Beatrice Wambui
  • David M. Njenga

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